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View Diary: The Benghazi "scandal" distilled into two paragraphs (121 comments)

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  •  I have yet to see (23+ / 0-)

    anyone flogging this story which could tell me

    1. the scandal of this scandal in three sentences..

    2. And what continent Libya is on.

    Forget about them having any understanding of the historical context which existed in that country.  Which I found truly surprising.

    •  Exactly.... (7+ / 0-)

      The only things that matter are....
      a) somehow it's 'The Socialist Kenyan's' fault,
      b) it will reflect badly on Hillary,
      c) it involves 'those' people (ie. anyone who is not like us),
      d) another reason to protect the 2nd amendment,
      e) be afraid of everything.

      I think, therefore I am........................... Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose....AKA Engine Nighthawk - don't even ask!

      by Lilyvt on Sat May 11, 2013 at 09:28:35 AM PDT

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    •  Trick question! (6+ / 0-)

      Africa is a country, not a continent.

    •  I'm a conservative and a Republican (1+ / 0-)
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      to boot and I can tell you what the scandal is.  Obama stated that he had decimated terrorism by killing OBL.  The administration denied support that could have saved 4 American lives.  The administration claimed it was a spontaneous event inspired by a YouTube video because to admit it was a terrorist event that they were unprepared for on the anniversary of 9/11 shows that Obama was lying when he said he decimated terrorism.

      And yes, I know that Benghazi is in Libya and it is on the continent of Africa.

      With that said, it would seem that the first argument is a strawman argument.  The second argument is not conclusive.  And the third argument has some merit but since the major thrust is largely based on the strawman argument presented in my first sentence it is not too sound either.

      The bottomline on this attack is very similar to that of 9/11.  There were prior warnings.  We were not adequately prepared.  We could have done better.  And Americans died as a result.  To politicize either attack is expected but very sad and the Republicans should be ashamed.

      We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

      by theotherside on Sat May 11, 2013 at 02:22:59 PM PDT

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      •  Pretty good explanation. But this is from the (6+ / 0-)

        transcript from Susan Rice on Meet the Press:

        MS. RICE:  Well, let us-- let me tell you the-- the best information we have at present.  First of all, there’s an FBI investigation which is ongoing.  And we look to that investigation to give us the definitive word as to what transpired.  But putting together the best information that we have available to us today our current assessment is that what happened in Benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in Cairo, almost a copycat of-- of the demonstrations against our facility in Cairo, which were prompted, of course, by the video.  What we think then transpired in Benghazi is that opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate as this was unfolding.  They came with heavy weapons which unfortunately are readily available in post revolutionary Libya.  And it escalated into a much more violent episode.  Obviously, that’s-- that’s our best judgment now.  We’ll await the results of the investigation.  And the president has been very clear--we’ll work with the Libyan authorities to bring those responsible to justice.
        •  That's a good quote to post (3+ / 0-)
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          cocinero, Sherri in TX, YucatanMan

          What the Republicans focus on is the part that says that it was a "spontaneous" reaction to the Cairo demonstrations.  They say that this is categorically false.  They then ignore the bolded portion of your quote.  

          I admit I haven't followed it closely enough to say whether or not there was any demonstration at all prior to the attack.  It sounds like there wasn't but that matters very little in my mind.  The reason that this is an issue is that there was a planned attack that day and Americans died.  But this has happened numerous times since 9/11 and the only real difference is that an Ambassador died for the first time in like 30 years and that the Republicans are playing political games with it.

          We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

          by theotherside on Sat May 11, 2013 at 03:32:47 PM PDT

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        •  More transcripts from Rice (0+ / 0-)

          Do the media even go back and read the actual transcripts?

          Not only the above, but Rice was on Face the Nation and said this:

          MR. SCHIEFFER: Do you agree or disagree with [the previous guest, the president of Libya’s general national congress] that al Qaeda had some part in this?

          MS. RICE:  Well, we’ll have to find out that out. I mean I think it’s clear that there were extremist elements that joined in and escalated the violence. Whether they were al Qaeda affiliates, whether they were Libyan-based extremists or al Qaeda itself I think is one of the things we’ll have to determine.

      •  I'll give you a rec for stating far more concisely (0+ / 0-)

        than most of the outraged people just exactly what it is they are outraged about.

        In fact, most of them who I have talked to are way way way afield of what you wrote.  They're practically convinced that Obama or Hillary or someone killed that ambassador themselves, personally, because they denied, denied, denied lifesaving special forces and air force jets permission to assist.

        "The law is meant to be my servant and not my master, still less my torturer and my murderer." -- James Baldwin. July 11, 1966.

        by YucatanMan on Sat May 11, 2013 at 10:32:06 PM PDT

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      •  I guess you missed the last Presidential election. (1+ / 0-)
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        " The administration claimed it was a spontaneous event ... "
        There was this guy named Mitt Romney, right on TV repeated this "they didn't call it terrorism" trope. Turns out they did, and there was tape.

        This, like the birth certificate and a hundred other nonsense "issues"  really boils down to yet more conservative outrage in search of a scandal.

        It reminds me of the scene in the recent movie "The Candidate" where the town hall conservative crowd turns ugly when it is revealed that one candidate had endorsed a children's book about chocolate unicorns who dwell in a land where "everything is free." "Socialism!" the crowd screamed.

        And today they are screaming "Benghazi!"

        "I wonder why Congress again in a new poll out today--11% approval rating. (It's) because they don't work for us. They work for the sons-of-bitches who pay them." Cenk Uygur

        by Dave in Columbus on Sun May 12, 2013 at 06:13:35 AM PDT

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