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  •  Democrats who were conflicted between HRC,BHO (3+ / 0-)
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    and by the slight margin gave it to Barack  during the nomination race will have a chance to give Hilary the "reward" of the toughest job in the world -if she wants it!.

    Barack Obama demonstrated some serious largeness of mind, acknowledged that HRC had immense value, respect around the world when he asked her to be the Secretary of State.

    I believe the intel from the Republican strategists is HRC wants to run and they are panicked and desperate what will happen to them when that occurs.  HRC destroyed a Republican in NY on her first shot ever at elective office in 2000. She made Senator by a 1.2 million vote margin!.

    She has only improved with age since then, and even if a few Dems might not agree, the Repubs know she can't be beaten once she gets the nomination. Everything they do between now and then, just as they gambled on a "One term only! Barack Obama", is now focused on a pre-emptive strike to take Clinton down  as they did back in the 1994 health care project. In that example over 100 million dollars in ads, lobbying, smears were spent to demonize and paralyze the hopes for health care reform. It was the most vicious and personal attacks on a person not even in office....just the spouse of the President!  What will we see from here to 2016?

    Except this is now a historical record, with an arc and experienced and seasoned activists and many people who know a lot of the tricks, skullduggery that have been tried.

    I believed, just as most people believed, HRC would be President (a year prior poll of all voters said 67-33 that Clinton would be President in 2008) Most Americans trust her and will give her  the seat based on her notable and positive work over many years in service to America.

    Only Obama's political machine combined with the anti Clinton parts of the Dems managed to stop her last time. Not going to happen this time.

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