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View Diary: Everybody loves a righteous rant. Let's all bash teachers!!! (29 comments)

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  •  What truth? (2+ / 0-)
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    FloridaSNMOM, Victor Ward

    That another adult agreed with you?

    Here's how the article you linked ends -

    "Funny, the poor quality of instruction in public schools happens to be one of the top issues this editorial board is grappling with today, along with the Dallas ISD school board and pretty much every other influential individual in the Dallas area. Jeff Bliss is, no doubt, aware that something is wrong. As I think he was saying, teaching by “packet” is no way to get through to young minds. Yes, you do have to make students excited about coming to class. You do have to touch the student’s frickin’ heart.

    "But his choice of protest venues and methods is one I will never celebrate. He owes everyone involved an apology. And if he ever makes it onto the Today show, that might be an excellent venue to do it."

    All you agree with is the kid had poor grammar and long hair. As for the actual content of his complaint -- teaching by packet and whatever other standardization and testing crapola he and his fellow students have endured for years -- sucks.

    He lashes out at his teacher because she's the authority figure standing in front of him. She needs to take the content of his complaint up the chain of command. Or get used to students and parents being unhappy with her and with the system.

    You want to make a presentation in front of the school board or write a letter to the editor? Go ahead. Others, including this student, will speak out in their own way, showing respect for teachers and the system when it is earned.

    •  Sorry, a student getting up and ranting (0+ / 0-)

      happens day in and day out.  There are always students who would rather have a circus going on then doing their classwork

      teaching by “packet” is no way to get through to young minds.

      The student was 18 years old in a class for students who are 16.   He was a problem student already, dropped out in his freshman year. Why is he 18 in sophomore English class?

      "showing respect when earned"??????

      No sorry, respect comes on day one when the student sits in the classroom.
      I respect people first.  
      When one person had 30 young people sitting in a classroom the respect needs to be there first.
      The young man disrespected his teacher, his classmate, and his parents.
      Just because his rant sounds resonates with something in your experience doesn't mean the teacher did anything wrong what so ever.

      A policemen doesn't earn you respect first, you give it. A doctor doesn't earn your respect first, you give it.

      •  You are a teacher (1+ / 0-)
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        Be Skeptical

        and none of this is ringing a bell?

        How many students fail and repeat grades because of the standardization and testing garbage that has infected the public school system?

        We don't know the personal history of this young man but if he has the gumption to stick it out when he could, legally, walk away, why aren't we listening to him? Why not make an effort to see if what he is saying has any merit?

        If his grammar offends you, his hair is too long and he isn't toeing the line, respecting the authority figure in his class, as much as you might like, why aren't you pondering why all of those things are happening instead of sniping at him?

        He's protesting a system that the teacher is in charge of enforcing. A system that is failing him and many other students.  The teacher may well be as unhappy with the system as this student is fed up. I would hope so.

        I respect teachers and doctors and policemen when they do the right thing. That respect is not earned by just showing up.

        Reaching out to this student and all the other students he represents would be a more productive and professional use any teacher's time than brushing him off as a rabble-rouser.

      •  Sounds like this teacher had lost his respect (0+ / 0-)

        Whether she had it initially isn't relevant anymore.

        While the packet-teach method is part of the high-stakes testing bind teachers have been  forced into, that's not the whole story.  It does in fact make it easier for teachers because it is so pre-programmed.  Sadly, a lot of teachers' own initiative, planning, and and creativity are no longer needed.  And some teachers, like the one in that class, I suspect, are happy to just drift along for the ride and pick up their checks every two weeks.  Not so different from a subset of employees will try to do in any job if they can get away with it.  But because they are teachers, not clerks at the power company or soft drink delivery drivers, the consequences are much more important.  From what little I can observe from the video, I would not be surprised if that teacher is lazy and uncaring.  Better a five minute student rant than five more years of hundreds of students being numbed into stupidity.

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