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View Diary: Everybody loves a righteous rant. Let's all bash teachers!!! (29 comments)

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    and none of this is ringing a bell?

    How many students fail and repeat grades because of the standardization and testing garbage that has infected the public school system?

    We don't know the personal history of this young man but if he has the gumption to stick it out when he could, legally, walk away, why aren't we listening to him? Why not make an effort to see if what he is saying has any merit?

    If his grammar offends you, his hair is too long and he isn't toeing the line, respecting the authority figure in his class, as much as you might like, why aren't you pondering why all of those things are happening instead of sniping at him?

    He's protesting a system that the teacher is in charge of enforcing. A system that is failing him and many other students.  The teacher may well be as unhappy with the system as this student is fed up. I would hope so.

    I respect teachers and doctors and policemen when they do the right thing. That respect is not earned by just showing up.

    Reaching out to this student and all the other students he represents would be a more productive and professional use any teacher's time than brushing him off as a rabble-rouser.

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