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View Diary: Bill Maher Schooled By His Own Guest For His Ignorant Statements on Muslim Violence & Islam (VIDEO) (123 comments)

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    When any book is revered our held out as the word of a deity, it lends more authority and power to the opinions based upon it.  If you read The Origin of Satan by Elaine Pagels, there is a very complete argument for the fact that the gospels were key to vilifying the Jews and pagans (Gentiles) as the "other" or as "Satan" or as representations of evil.  She takes each gospel and analyzes the content. It's pretty evident.

    So the combination of the texts being portrayed as the "word" of a god and the finger pointing at the Jews did lend power and credence for anti-semitism.

    On top of that, Martin Luther wrote a little ditty called "The Jews and their Lies", which definitely gave another level of authority to these views and laid the groundwork for what Hitler (who read and admired Luther) eventually acted upon.

    This is only one of the reason why I comment whenever I can about the immorality of the biblical texts. The hope being that people stop giving those writings any more influence and power and start seeing them as they are.

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