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    In some ways, yes, being gay is a choice. Rather, living your life as a gay person is a choice. Some choose to embrace the honesty of being who they are and living openly and proudly. Some choose to stay silent about their sexuality, usually due to feared reactions by their family, friends, or employers. And then there are some people who sadly choose to deny their sexuality and suppress it in order to appease a moralizing and judgmental segment of our society.

    However, the fact remains. Homosexuality exists not only in human beings but in the whole of nature. Numerous studies have proven this true. It is only in man that we find bigotry. This bigotry is practically the sole domain of people who adhere to an authoritarian religious doctrine. It is a construct made by people who have put themselves in the position of deciding that LGBT people have no place at the human table because their god says so.

    Warning - some snark above‽ (-9.50; -7.03)‽ eState4Column5©2013 "I’m not the strapping young Muslim socialist that I used to be" - Barack Obama 04/27/2013

    by annieli on Sat May 11, 2013 at 02:11:56 PM PDT

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