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    yes and no. Before I came out of the closet I did have a girlfriend. We did have sex. Regularly. For several years. While it's certainly true that being in the closet fueled that to a certain extent I most definitely didn't experience the sort of revulsion that the haters claim to experience when they think of same-sex sexual activity nor the sort of revulsion some of my friends claim to feel when thinking of opposite sex behavior (I even occasionally suggest to them that they get over themeselves.) It's more that there was a certain indifference, incompleteness. A lack, if you will. I will admit that I'm not certain I could actually have sex with a woman at this point in my life but that is not to say that I don't find some women quite beautiful.

    Many closeted gay men marry women and have families (occasionally very large families) in order to hide from themselves. I have even known married gay men who averred that, as much as they knew they were gay, they simply had no interest in ending their marriage to their wives.

    We make as much of a mistake thinking that sexuality can be divided into three versions (gay/straight/bi) as when we think of it in gay/straight terms or else as simply "normal" and "abberant." Each person's sexuality is singular in some respects.

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      Steveningen, Another Grizzle

      I've been around and in my 40+ years I have come to the realization that, when it comes to human sexuality, there is NO normal.  Dividing the sexuality spectrum, a veritable rainbow of preferences, kinks, fetishes, fantasies, into a simple gay / straight classification is a crude attempt to classify something that is a lot more complex.

      We should simply accept that everyone is unique in how they prefer to express their sexuality, and that it is everyone's RIGHT to experience the gift of sex in the manner that suits them best.  It is a deeply personal matter between you and your partner(s), and it is no one else's bloody business.  Lets celebrate the diversity.  

      I missed the hippie generation by about a decade.  Nevertheless, I have so signed onto the belief that the answer to many of the problems of this messed up world can be found in one word: LOVE.

      The intrinsic nature of Power is such that those who seek it most are least qualified to wield it.

      by mojo workin on Sat May 11, 2013 at 06:50:20 PM PDT

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