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View Diary: When did you choose to be straight? (150 comments)

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    Laurence Lewis

    hit upon a (rather offtopic) point about my own life that took me over four decades to figure out.  I spent enormous amounts of time in my life building up 'differences' (and affectations) to distance myself from society around me.  It took forever, but I think I've figured out that I just knew I somehow didn't fit, but didn't know what was wrong, and wasted all sorts of time of changing superficial attributes until I'd finally been exposed to enough politics, economics, and historical knowledge to realize that the 'fit' issue was about a profound sense of disaffectation with the fervent belief in things I found irrational that shape the very core of American society, such as religion, the utility of violence, and capitalism. (God, guns, and money.)

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