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View Diary: Where Are The Activists? I'm Only Getting Petition-Signing Emails (86 comments)

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  •  A use for us. (13+ / 0-)

    I have LONG felt that there has to be a use for those of us (you sound like I feel, 88kathy, so I'm saying 'us') those of us who don't spark with people.

    We are reclusive, or introverted, or just lack self-confidence, and we know it. So door-to-door and telephones and staffing the booth at the fair are out for us. We would repel people, not draw them in.

    I'm not selling myself or anyone else short; I am telling an uncomfortable truth.

    But we want to be of use! So we sign the petitions and send money when we can; we post things on social networks and comment thoughtfully; we enter conversations with family and co-workers when we have our facts; we are encouraging; and we wonder if there isn't something more we could do.

    Thinking on it, I realize that everything we progressives do is done one person at a time. One writer of a book or letter, and one reader at a time. One phone call to one person. One marcher, one sign-holder, one office-holder. One vote. One donation. One person searching the web for facts.

    It all adds up, and so I don't fault myself for being introverted. I use the talents I have.

    It's not about the hundred people whose minds you can't change. It's about the two people you empower. ~ Beth Ditto

    by dejavu on Sat May 11, 2013 at 01:48:14 PM PDT

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