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    laurnj, DefendOurConstitution

    "you should also be subjected to regulations that make sure you truly know how to use/keep it safely, that you will not harm others, and that you're held responsible for any damage done by/with your gun."

    agree with all of that and I worry incessantly about when my son gets older whether to keep it or not.  for now, I am training with my ex military friend (liberatarian type by the way who i'm trying to educate on the oligarcy)...

    there have been some repeated, devastating, frightening home invasions in my area that would make even the most anti-weapon person think twice about their stance.  one couple was permanently maimed but managed to survive.  in the past, there was usually some drug connection or such.  since the recession, it's just random usually, few drug connections.  people have a right to defend themselves....but like you said, not when their defense techniques puts people around them more in danger.  we need more gun control to that end.

    thanks for a less strident comment compared to the other guy.

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