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View Diary: Greenwald also echoes GOP talking points on Benghazi (117 comments)

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  •  Benghazi was not a regular consulate but a CIA op (4+ / 0-)
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    At the heart of all this, and Republicans know this and Greenwald has to as well, is that the CIA and the State Department created a jurisdictional clusterf#$k that become evident on the night of the attack.

    Given the CIA involvement, its no big surprise that full information has been hard to come by. So, long as the US is engaged in the middle east war on terror CIA operations, counter attacks etc are going to happen. I don't like the policy but this event is not a scandal per se.

    Greenwald also ignores that there have been a series of hearings and briefings on Benghazi. S of S Clinton testified and it was established that some communication issues were mishandled. Essentially, the embassy, by functioning as a covert intelligence operation was vulnerable and the state dept and CIA did not work together to improve security.

    From what I understand, there also was a street protest sparked by the anti-Islam film that was going on at the same time as the attack. The world does not have to be either or. Calling the initial mis-info lying is total BS. In the first few days after some kind of major disruptive event, a lot incomplete or erroneous info tends to be produced.  When you two agencies in a turf war and doing serious CYA that likely of error is even greater.

    So, there is something to be learned from Benghazi but that is clearly secondary to the Republican's get Hillary agenda. For Greenwald, he is conflated his more legitimate criticisms of the Obama's administration continuation of Bush' security agenda with this situation. This was not his best moment by far.  

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