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View Diary: Can Democrats Really Afford To Forfeit The Votes of 46 Million Smokers? (226 comments)

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    Conservatives get to attack universal healthcare from the elitist and populist sides simultaneously, and each side amplifies the other.

    On the one hand "you're gonna have to pay for that lard-assed fat fuck's diabetes" and on the other hand "commu-socialist govenmint is going to take away your Mountain Dew." Every time they get any traction on one side of that equation, the other side gets stronger, and so on.

    To defuse that feedback loop you have to pick one side or the other, and make it extremely clear that either rich people won't be forced to pay for poor people's choices, or poor people won't be forced to alter their behavior to save rich people money.

    For whatever reason progressives seem to love the rich peoples' favorite solution here, "nudge" taxes. That way the poor have their behavior constrained, the rich are immune since the tax amounts are low enough, and it helps bolster the conservative case that people need to "deserve" government services. Which backs up drug testing for welfare and everything else.

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