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  •  Hear, Hear! I stopped a superhighway last year (15+ / 0-)

    about 15-20 citizens banded together and formed an advocacy group. We held regular meetings to organize at my house, each person had tasks to do. One woman was the 'Central Organizer" (use a Frank Zappa voice when reading that), one guy knocked on over 10,000 doors to alert them to this new monument to oil and gas that was being proposed, we organized public information centers held in community facilities where I was a regular speaker (gimme a soap box and I'll make them laugh and cry). We got ALL of the local politicians on board. We sent >8000 postcards to the minister of transportation. All of us spoke to everyone we knew about this. We showed up at the provincial gvmt 'informational seminar' and critiqued their plans and logic (I slaughtered their habitat biologist with her own data in a public forum)..and on and on

    in the end, they listened and recommended against this new highway through prime farmland. Took about a year and a half, but we accomplished our goal.

    As an added benefit, all of my neighbours now know me, and I know many of them.

    Listen to Netroots Radio or to our pods on Stitcher. "We are but temporary visitors on this planet. The microbes own this place" <- Me

    by yuriwho on Sat May 11, 2013 at 07:20:02 PM PDT

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