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  •  My best friend's mother was very abusive to her (4+ / 0-)

    physically, mentally , and emotional her entire life.

    Then her mother, to spite her daughter, committed suicide and in notes and letters blamed her daughter. But actually she told her best friend that she committed suicide because she was gradually going blind but she wanted her daughter to live a life of hell thinking she was responsible for her mother's suicide. Fortunately my best friend was in therapy for years as she went to the hospital after getting the call and her mother was on life support, she told her mother she still loved her but she would not responsible for this action.

    We believe her mother was mentallly ill but that does not negate that her mother was extremely abusive to her, I witnesses just some of that in person.

    But fortunately my best friend married a kind, loving, loyal good man and they have a wonderful daughter and they are close as mother and daughter. She went through therapy to NOT be her mother.

    But it would be  lie, my best friend tells me, to pretend that my mother was a good and decent mother and to pretend that she did not put me through years of torment.

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    by wishingwell on Sun May 12, 2013 at 11:45:38 AM PDT

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