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View Diary: The Byzantine Political Repercussions of 3D Printed Guns (60 comments)

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    jan4insight, Troubadour

    I'm more surprised by that than you.  I'll bet you take a lot of flack for this diary.

    I am so sick of the police state status quo which favors the gun industry while at the same time encourages torture and widespread domestic spying on citizens.  This seems to upset that status quo.  People seem to be alarmed that this will make metal detectors obsolete, but I actually see that as a plus.  Fuck the metal detectors.

    "Oh, but they might kill people with those guns!" somebody says.  Really, what difference would that be?  Do you think Newtown would have been more deadly if the killler had used a 3d printed one-bullet gun?

    The whole exercise seems to be more of a political proof of concept than a threat to safety.

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