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  •  Yup, my wife's car is a Tesla 85Kwh Perf (5+ / 0-)

    The range is limited when running heat more than AC.  The Canadian Tesla owners do report significant range loss.  If sometimes you got 150 miles, then you may sweat it just a bit and need to slow down to make the range (air resistance is the largest factor on efficiency).

    With the 85Kwh car we regularly go 200-220 miles without worrying about anything.  

    Tesla is RWD.  I've seen people argue FWD vs AWD vs RWD and frankly that's a problem because of transmissions.  The Tesla is instant, so I don't see the difficulty.

    Here's a couple Youtube links.  I couldn't find the one in Norway or Sweden with a Roadster (highly entertaining), but the air suspension (raise the car's height) and 19" snow tires put it with the best IMHO.

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