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  •  The capacity is also warrantied with Tesla Model S (2+ / 0-)
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    AnnCetera, Bule Betawi

    Range might decrease eventually, I guess.  Only had our for 8500 miles (a little over 6 months) and have seen ZERO degradation in capacity.


    Hard to imagine how much degradation we might eventually get when so far it is zero.  If it was even 1% after 8500 miles, we'd see at least a 2 mile range loss and we're not seeing that.

    The Roadsters were seeing some loss after a lot of miles.  Other electrics do see some loss.  I think it would be safe to assume 80% capacity after 150,000 miles... but I'm still stumped by having zero loss so far.  

    Maybe they've improved the battery maintenance that much.  It is one of the things that Tesla holds many patents on.

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