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  •  Just went through very similar experience (9+ / 0-)

    Great diary. Thank you. Recently went looking for a new Chevy Equinox for my mate and a new truck for myself. We met a very personable and funny young salesman at the dealership and it was all going smoothly until he got into Sandy Hook, conspiracies about the President attempting to take everyones guns away and his belief that the killer at the school didn't even use an assault rifle. Very over the top gun nut stuff that shocked me even though I spend hours everyday confronting some seriously deranged right wingers on internet comment sections. Came home and researched the wild claims he was making for three very depressing hours. Half of the Google page for every lie I typed in was links to the truth as presented by the coroner, state police, school officials etc. but the rest was the very conspiracies he rattled off. I sent him the articles refuting his world view and then called him early next day to say I just felt so uncomfortable doing a major financial transaction with someone so horribly deceived that I wasn't coming in to sign the papers. He had proudly shown us with tears in his eyes picts of his six year old son yet felt no compassion for the parents of all those slaughtered kids because of his hateful ideology. He backpedaled and said it was all just stuff he had heard but it only made my impression of him worse. We have options and need to use them when confronted with this type of right wing hatred.  

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