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    pisses me off is the the failure of Democrat's both in the WH and congress to use their majority when they do win. Democracy in our system is a majority rules system.  They also seem to marginalize and work against the more liberal or progressive Democratic congress people that do get elected.

    When an asshole like Max Baucus gets to write along with for profit health care lobbyists a supposed health care reform bill or the presidents appoints (resurrects) an old creepy RW ideologue like Simpson as head of an economic committee hell bent on austerity and cuts to our social programs I just don't by the lame obstruction excuse.

    I know what the RW maniac's are about. I'm also hip to the Democratic game of using these irrational bat shit crazy people to get their own nefarious agenda implemented. What choice do we have?

    How about Harry with his endless procedural rules?  He sure manages to pull procedural rules out of his butt to get any bill the owners of the place want passed. The insult to injury being they always call these injurious bills 'reform'. So what's with the by-partisany bs?  

    The Dems in power need to start fighting for 'we the people' for our rights civil and human, The Great Writ, democratic  principles and the common good of our society and people. Ask me as long as the Third Way , formerly known as the DLC runs the party machine we will get no better Dems. We will get more of the same bad kabuki as long as we vote out of fear and do not stand up in mass and say enough.

    Make the Democrat's fish in their own pool for votes instead of using the Repugs for cover. Better Dems don't stand a chance in this by-partisan screw/ coup. This lot sucked as the loyal opposition during the Bush Regime and they suck as the majority. They sure do know how to burn their majority when it proves to be against the 'powers that be' wishes and money.

    Trouble is even if people vote for Democrat's they really are not choosing between two sides instead their getting weasels who fly under the 'better then' banner. Most people get to a point where it's irrelevant who wins or loses. The degrees of our oppression are not hooked up to the electoral process other then 'Do you want a vagina probe and a dose of theocracy along with your sacirifice, austerity, privatization, police state and endless immoral wars?

    'That's why I'm richer then you'  Jamie Dimon
    'In America we do not disparage wealth creation'  Barrack Obama


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