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  •  Dems need to obstruct: A full frontal assault .. (1+ / 0-)
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    on the GOP in defenseof  middle class and those striving to better themselves -the workers in this country

    First order of business: Oppose "bipartisanship" make it a costly word. How to do it without seeming to be obstructionist?


    Say it and mean it. We are obstructing the pounding that of 99% of America has been hit with by the repubilicans corporate shills - for decades now

    Obstruct the GOP as one would any party that is squeezing the life out of working Americans.

    Anyone defending co-operation with a party willing to gut SS, medicare and medicaid (and lie about it), the EPA, public schools, fair labor practices...the entire list of republican 1%er policies is my enemy.

    That would rock the GOP's world.

    Democrats have to change the incentives for Republicans. That is the only way to defeat obstruction. That is the only way to defeat Republicans in committee, on the legislative floor, and at the ballot box. To make opposition costly. I'll make some simple suggestions in part 2 next week.
    Shock the GOP completely. Denounce them at every possible opportunity. On the floor of the House & Senate. Anywhere there are people and MSM to hear it.

    Declare war on the GOP in defense of the middle class and be proud of it. Defend Jobs for Americans

    There are literally hours upon hours of footage proving the ownership of the GOP by the 1% and other anti-American anti-worker legislation.

    Use it all.

    Full frontal assualt in defense of the working people - the middle class is the cause.

    That's what I think would change everything overnight

    Thx brooklynbadboy

    rant over


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