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  •  I've been to Disneyland... (2+ / 0-)
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    Steveningen, arizonablue

    never to Disney World. Trapper seems not terribly interested in visiting either one for some reason; he is, however interested in Great America's Gay Day which is the Friday after next. He loves roller coasters; I do not.

    As for today, Mom came over for dinner. This gave us an incredibly good reason to clean the house. Mom of course claims she doesn't notice but since we need a kick in the butt in order to make things tidy, her visit came in quite handy as an excuse.

    Some of you may know that Trapper lost his mom to cancer some 3 1/2 years ago. He'd posted on Facebook the other day about having order flowers for her grave and how much he missed calling home. My Mom asked if he'd be willing to use her as a substitute mom for Mother's Day. That's only one of the 10 million reasons my Mom is awesome. Another is that my very sarcastic Mother's Day card completely cracked her up. Another is that she thinks I'm an incredible cook.

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