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  •  Jeb and Christie (0+ / 0-)

    Would be the two relative "moderates" in the field. I don't see either of them getting the nomination for different reasons. With Jeb, it would be 14 years since he last ran for office and 10 since he held office of any sort. And there's also that albatross of a last name although that latter may not be as much a detriment by 2016. I also don't think Rubio and Bush would both run and I think Rubio will be the one to do it. With Christie, he's had to do some things that were popular in NJ but won't play well with the GOP base and that'll doom him.

    I don't think Cruz and Rubio have the exact same base. Definitely some overlap but I think Cruz's biggest appeal is with the far right. I don't think Rand would be a non-starter. He's a much better politician and is significantly less iconoclastic than his dad.

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