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  •  I just want to offer a heartfelt thanks (9+ / 0-)

    I've been following your diaries from the start of this series and before.  I want to give my utmost gratitude for actually helping me with my fear of flying.

    I never was scared of flying, and then for some reason (I recognized what it was about but I'm still unsure of why suddenly it manifested) I was terrified of flying.

    Two years ago before going on a vacation trip to Las Vegas, I literally did not eat for 3 days prior to my trip because I was so nervous that I had no appetite.  I hyperventilated the entire first leg (PHL > ORD), and that's a short flight.  Wasn't much better on to LAS.

    For my trip to Turkey I took one benzodiazepine which helped greatly, but I didn't want to have to rely on that forever more.

    Part of my fears stemmed from a "lack of control" (as opposed to driving, even though driving is WAY more dangerous than flying) as well as me not knowing how the hell a huge aircraft can roll 30+ degrees on banked turns and not stall and crash. =P

    But from reading your diaries, I've been able to learn about the physics of flying, and it really has calmed me down a lot.

    Thanks so much Major Kong, and to the skies!

    It is done. Four More Years.

    by mconvente on Mon May 13, 2013 at 01:17:41 PM PDT

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