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  •  Here's how to check mate the Republicans (2+ / 0-)
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    Introduce a bill to lease off the entire Interstate System to the States or private companies... long term leases.
    The interestate is a revenue opportunity waiting to happen.. and its something the Tea Party SHOULD love, because its smaller government and free enterprise taking over a "socialist" system.  But they won't. They will scream like hell, because the rural red states need the free highway system much more then the liberal urban areas do.. they have mass transit options. The planet will benefit by the lease deal.. fewer drivers and more carpooling will drastically reduce CO2 output.. The Feds could rake in billions to pay down the debt, and fund the high speed rail and other lines, while still retaining ownership, and the States can get a new source or revenue through tolls which they didn't have before. Given the earths CO2 has gone thru the roof, something has to be done. Use the Republican philosphy to be the bearer of bad tidings for action that must be taken, and then use their response against it to go after them as hypocrites.
    Once you have them on record supporting a socialist free government program, they are finished.
    Since they like to play the obstructionist card and the "our way or the highway card" ( no pun intended, but yes, pun intended), use the "highway card" to veer so far into right thinking philopsply for policy you check mate them.
    Think of a 50 unit apt building that is paid off and sitting empty. Then think of that 50 unit building paid off and fully rented. Thats how you sell it.
    Less Federal government. Less debt. Pay as you go. Revenue for the states of private operators. More jobs. Much less CO2. Funding for rail lines. Republican philosophy of smaller government and "states rights" coupled with liberal philosphy of reducing CO2 and rail buildout. Oil companies will hate it. That right there tells you its the right path to follow.

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