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  •  NBC & FOX's New Fall TV Shows (10+ / 0-)

    Here's some of the new TV shows the networks have planned for the Fall.


    From the A.V. Club:

    At first glance, NBC’s fall schedule seems sort of stupid. It moves all of the network’s dramas around for no real reason, sticks The Michael J. Fox Show in a really strange timeslot, and doesn’t do much of anything to defend a Wednesday where the network was making modest gains. Everything is done with an eye toward two things: The Voice and the Winter Olympics. And everything is done with an eye toward yanking the network back toward the middle-of-the-road programming network president Robert Greenblatt is convinced is necessary to bring the network back to the top of the heap. And, hey, maybe he’s right. The network has made the somewhat bold decision to push toward family sitcoms, which haven’t been at the centerpiece of an NBC schedule for something like 30 years, over workplace sitcoms or hangout shows or whatever Mulaney was. You might argue this is a couple of years too late, and you’d have a good case to make there, but this is definitely a schedule taking aim at the widest possible swath of the American public it can muster.

    • "The Blacklist" - This mix of "24" and "The Silence of the Lambs" stars James Spader. This is one of NBC’s highest-testing pilots in years.
    • "Dracula" - This show was produced by NBC in cooperation with a bunch of foreign partners, just like Hannibal is, and just like Hannibal, this thing looks like a million bucks, and set in Victorian London.
    • "Ironside" - Blair Underwood in the Raymond Burr role of a detective in a wheelchair.
    • "Sean Saves The World" - Sean Hayes (of "Will & Grace") as a single dad.
    • "Welcome To The Family" - Mike O’Malley stars as a father who finds out his daughter is pregnant, and has to acclimate himself to his daughters in-laws.
    • "The Michael J. Fox Show" - A comedy based partly on Fox's own circumstances, the actor plays Mike Burnaby, who, after years of staying home with his family while dealing with the effects of Parkinson’s disease, decides to return to his old job as a beloved New York news anchor.


    FOX announced the return of "24" today (officially titled "24: Live Another Day," which will have 12 episodes & premiere next May). "Glee" is not only coming back for season 5, but FOX has already committed to a sixth season.

    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine” - Comedy stars Andy Samberg as a slacker-but-brilliant detective who never fails to frustrate his stern, by-the-book boss, played by Andre Braugher.
    • Sleepy Hollow” - Action adventure series in which Ichabod Crane has been pulled two and a half centuries through time to find that the world is on the brink of destruction, and teams with a contemporary cop to investigate a mystery.
    • Dads” - Seth MacFarlane has a live action series, in which Seth Green and Gionvanni Ribisi play two successful 30-something guys whose dads move in with them.
    • Enlisted” - Three brothers — played by Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell and Parker Young — work together at a small Army base in Florida, and apparently hilarity ensues.
    • Rake” - A mideseason replacement show described as a “House”-esque series in which Greg Kinnear stars as a brilliant, charming, self-destructive criminal defense lawyer.
    • Us & Them” - A not-yet scheduled series based on popular UK series “Gavin & Stacey,” Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel play a couple who are both surrounded in their daily lives by a “screwed-up circus of people.”
    • Almost Human” - This J.J. Abrams buddy cop show looks at what happens when the 2048 Los Angeles Police Department partners its officers with androids.

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