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View Diary: Bob Gates calls criticism of response to Benghazi attack 'cartoonish view of military capabilities' (95 comments)

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    •  Unlike the majority of republicans today-- (4+ / 0-)

      especially the ones in Congress.  Prime example:  Issa-first a republican, and only an American when it's politically convenient.

    •  Gates would probably claim Entebbe (0+ / 0-)

      was cartoonish, too.  

      A wise man hears one word and understands two.

      by Not A Bot on Mon May 13, 2013 at 02:35:59 PM PDT

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      •  Feh. You're being very silly. (3+ / 0-)
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        WB Reeves, elwior, alain2112

        The IDF raid at Entebbe took a week to plan. I guess if all 105 hostages were killed 5 days into the planning, you would criticize the IDF for being insufficiently "ballsy' for you, huh?

        •  No, that's not what I'm saying, JayBat (0+ / 0-)

          The U.S., though, has global response capabilities not available to Israel (and not available to any other nation on the planet).  My point is that you don't leave your people to die if there is ANY way to get them out, or to get help to them.  Israel is so limited in comparison to the U.S. that there is no, well, real comparison of capabilities.  What Israel did in a week, the U.S can do in hours.

          It's sort of like comparing an Ozarks volunteer fire department to the FDNY.  The NY department could drown a barn fire (assuming there were barns in the city) in an hour, while the Ozarks guys might take a whole day to do the same.

          It deeply disturbs me that the U.S. didn't even attempt to aid Ambassador Stevens and the others with him.  For me, this isn't a partisan issue.  

          Disclaimer:  I hold dual citizenship, so my perspective is skewed accordingly.  Also, I'm old, and probably lost a few million more brain cells before lunch this morning, so don't pick on me too much.    


          A wise man hears one word and understands two.

          by Not A Bot on Mon May 13, 2013 at 03:16:34 PM PDT

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          •  A day later, yes. Four hours later, no. (5+ / 0-)
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            eparrot, 417els, Not A Bot, Creosote, JayBat

            The US does have tremendous response capabilities, but they still don't have the ability to assemble a large force to deal with hundreds or thousands of rioters anywhere in the world.  Even if they had a plane full of Navy Seals just sitting on the runway in Tripoli, it would take hours to get to Benghazi, land the troops, fight to the consulate, and take control of the situation.  

            Sending a team of half a dozen special forces officers armed only with sidearms (what was available) would have meant another six casualties with nothing to show for it.  While I appreciate your concern about not trying to help, sending more troops on a mission that has little or no chance of success isn't a good use of our people either.  

            If this had happened in Basra in the middle of the Iraq war, it would have been a completely different situation.  We would have had troops close, they would have been appropriately armed, and they could have gotten to the site quickly.  

            Your analogy is actually perfect.  If there's an Ozark barn fire, you don't send FDNY.  They're too far away to do any good, not to mention that all the trucks in the FDNY couldn't do anything if there's no water within a mile of the barn.  

            The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. -Mark Twain

            by boatgeek on Mon May 13, 2013 at 05:59:06 PM PDT

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            •  Boatgeek, in a private car, by ferry and by road, (0+ / 0-)

              it's a bit over 40 hours from mainland Italy to Libya -- something like driving from Portland (either one of them) to Houston, give or take, with a few stops for gas and lunch -- by air from Med Europe, we had troops less than four hours from the scene.  Sigonella is even closer, roughly an hour from Benghazi by air.  And then there's the Sixth Fleet.  This isn't cartoonish Monday morning quarterbacking -- it's fact.    

              There's not a single spot surrounding the Mediterranean where we couldn't have at least limited boots on the ground with air support within an hour or two, certainly enough to deter a ragtag terrorist operation.  Someone used grievously, tragically poor judgment by deciding to not make use of our forces.  

              I'm usually opposed to use of military force; it should be a final resort.  This administration, though, seems hellbent on using force indiscriminately, blowing people up willy nilly in any and every country it damned well pleases, with little or no regard for national sovereignty or international law (not to mention continuing the dubious tradition of committing repeated acts of war without a declaration from Congress).  However, in this case, with American citizens under attack on embassy grounds (which are, by international law, considered our sovereign territory), force should have been used, and expeditiously.  Obama, or the people he appoints, use force when it shouldn't be used, and sheathe swords when our people need help.  

              Maybe the brainiacs in D.C. were too busy worrying about damage control to give a damn about our people.  The way things are looking, this admin is going to spend its remaining years doing nothing but damage control.  All of Washington, including our president, seems meshuggah, and after this week?  The press is going to install the finest grinding plates on their sausage machines.  Political burger will reach the lowest price per pound since Nixon.  

              It's unfortunate.  Obama showed much promise.

              Incidentally, Boatgeek, I'm a Twain fan, and your signature line is one of my favorite Twain quotes.  I wish I could find something to laugh about at the moment.        

              A wise man hears one word and understands two.

              by Not A Bot on Mon May 13, 2013 at 09:52:20 PM PDT

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