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  •  I have to get moving (18+ / 0-)

    Apparently we signed a 'service contract' when we had our last plumbing problems.  We get a yearly inspection, which is in fifty-two minutes, and me in my nightgown.  Why do I suspect they'll roam through the basement turning things the wrong way?

    Jeers to my sinuses going absolutely ape with this weather.  We may have had frost last night.

    Cheers to the entertainment of watching my mother-in-law, who claims to have no sense of taste or smell, carefully picking her dinner out last night.  "Oh, I love their carrots.  It's too early for the asparagus to be good.  Don't we get any bread?".  I keep telling myself she can't help herself.  I'm into the millions on that one.  I chose my dinner on the basis of will it hurt my tongue, will the distorted taste make me sick, and how will it smell?

    And cheers to all of us, 'cause we rock!

    "Republicans are poor losers and worse winners." - My grandmother, sometime in the early 1960s

    by escapee on Tue May 14, 2013 at 06:02:48 AM PDT

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