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View Diary: IRS and now the Justice Dept overstepping the boundaries (33 comments)

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  •  In 2008: "IRS Investigates Obama's Church"... (5+ / 0-)

    "over a speech Sen. Barack Obama gave at its national meeting last year"... yet, I don't recall any republican outrage over the IRS's actions at that time.  

    The IRS was investigating the Church regarding it's tax-exempt status and whether it was violating that status by involvement in politics.  

    Re the tea-party/IRS kerfuffle

    ...Keep in mind that the kerfuffle does not involve the targeting of groups for audits seeking evidence of a failure to pay taxes. Rather, the problem involved the IRS’s review of applications filed by the various entities seeking tax-exempt status under the law.

    At the time in question, many newly formed political organizations were seeking IRS certification that would allow them to  avoid paying taxes on funds raised—the overwhelming majority of these organizations being Tea Party related groups...

    Also, during the time in question re: the tea-party/IRS kerfluffle:

    ...the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service during the period in question was Douglas Shulman, a political appointee of President George W. Bush....

    While the IRS has some explaining to do re their methods of investigating tea-party groups, they do have the job of granting tax exempt status to organizations--organizations that aren't supposed to have tax-exempt status if they are engaged in partisan politics.  Which is apparently why they were investigating Obama's church, and which didn't result in the same amount of bipartisan condemnation at that time.

    As for the tracking of AP reporters by the govt?  Now, that is troubling to me.  

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