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View Diary: Heritage's in-house white supremacist got raw deal because HARVARD (118 comments)

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    When I read about guys like this and I realize that some truly innovative hispanic or black  was probably passed over because these white guys had to get into Harvard, otherwise, you know, their lives would be ruined and they would not be able to be as wealthy as they deserve, it really makes me think about the true purpose of opposing so-called reverse racism.  To insure that these white people continue to be able to get into Harvard even though a more qualified non-white person has a paper advantage.

    It also reminds me when I was in school.  There a particular doctorate student who would write these polemic pieces, probably not much different than this guys, and then complain when everyone would not bow before intellect.  I believe he even tried to sue the school to give him a degree.  In any case he was the poster child for the right wing, mostly business majors, wackos who loved what he did.  The even opened a self published paper around him.  

    I have no doubt that this guy is really confused about what is going on.  After years of being told you are the smartest person int he world, to be held up to objective standards is bewildering.

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