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View Diary: Here's just one bad piece of possible fall-out from the IRS revelation (290 comments)

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  •  Nixon would be proud. (0+ / 0-)

    As i read through the comments here and in other diaries on the subject I realize a majority (or at the very least a sizable minority) thinks it is OK to target your political enemy using the IRS. Even though the IRS itself says it is wrong. And the President says it is wrong. Still, a majority of users here think that it is OK. Wow, the reality based community? This is what we have become? A million justifications for using the IRS as a political weapon? Creepy and Nixionian. Think and sleep on it.

    •  Ummm (0+ / 0-)

      You have now stated the same thing in 4 different posts.  These comments would have more validity if.........
      1.  The guy in charge of that region of the IRS wasn't a Bush appointee.
      2.   Bragging about being anti-tax and complaining about taxes wasn't a major goal of these groups.
      3.   If there was and proof that Obama himself directed this behavior to specifically hurt a political opponent.
      4.    If the government hadn't launched its own IG investigation on this and published the results (kind of hard to get away with political witch hunting, when you investigate yourself, then admit to wrongdoing).

      I find a lot of these WE SHOULD BE OUTRAGED!!!!  Comments funny because its the same 5 or 6 people that charge in like Don Quixote every time any story that could be presented as a stain on the administration is presented and opine about how pathetic the President is.  Not sure why they are still allowed on this site, but I guess they keep their trolling to "just under the radar" levels.   Seriously, click on any of the commenters profiles who are being outright hostile to this Administration before the IRS report has even came out, and after Obama promised discipline of any wrongdoing is found, and you will find a common theme of slamming not just the Obama Administration, but Democrats in general.  We should welcome constructive criticism, but last time I checked this wasn't Red State.

      •  True technically (0+ / 0-)

        I was making bigger pint about the incredible number of people who believe it was OK, and even more bizarre ignore the admission of guilt by the IRS itself.

        The admin's handling thus far has been prudent.

        But we should be outraged. Because this is outrageous. And the IG report will be interesting.

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