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View Diary: IRS v. Tea Party & DOJ v. AP are BOTH GOP-Fabricated Non-Scandals (374 comments)

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  •  To further unpack how the IRS "scandal" is not (19+ / 0-)

    a scandal:

    Auditing is an art as much as a science. Professional judgment is called for on many issues that come up in the audit process. Some of these issues are deeply gray and can go either way with no crying foul. And some are black and white and fairly obvious. This case is black and white.

    Part of the standard process of obtaining tax exempt status is applying to the IRS for it. It's also standard that the IRS examines the applications to see if they do indeed qualify for tax exempt status. If there's anything that seems fishy about an application or warrants further investigation then further investigation is made.

    In the case of all these tea party groups that popped up all at once asking for exempt status, there was prima facie evidence that they were engaged primarily in political activities and were thus disqualified from exemption.  Now what would you do if you were faced with an epidemic of these cases coming across your desk? Especially if there were complaints and stories in the media about political groups abusing tax exempt status?

    That's what happened here. Middle managers used sound professional judgment to prioritize their investigations. There was no political pressure from the top or enemies lists or any of that crap. Just professional investigators following up on likely disqualified applications.

    And what did the tea partiers do? They freaked out, screamed persecution and made a big stink out of having to answer the same questions that any other group applying for tax exempt status has to. Because they're all a bunch of martyred victims just looking for something to be victimized by.

    I write all of this as a professional auditor. I don't do tax but I understand the process and how it's supposed to work. And this is nothing but another tea party witch hunt.

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