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  •  What are you "protecting" them from? (1+ / 0-)
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    Julia Grey

    This is the world. People do these things to each other.

    We may do less of the physical torture and death in OUR society, but they're happening not too far away. A man our government sponsored and whose forces we trained was just convicted of genocide in Guatemala. And you can bet there's stuff very like this going on right now in Syria.

    In our society today we're much nicer, of course. We mostly restrict the torture to the emotional kind - but that can be quite effective, especially on people who don't have the knowledge and training to know how they're being manipulated and abused.

    And I sure wouldn't want to be a female Hispanic prisoner in Sheriff Arpaio's jail.

    People do these things to each other. The best way to PREVENT that is to make sure that NICE people are aware of it, and do something about it. Not pretend it doesn't exist.

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