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  •  There's a bit of private industry... (1+ / 0-)
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    attempts at doing something exactly like that.  I happen to work for a company that is exploring this route.

    Unfortunately, you'd have to get a Facebook level of participation for it to be super effective.  And, you have to make money somehow doing it.

    Also, that doesn't solve the ultimate problem of seeker to job ratio.  There simply isn't enough jobs out there for all the people looking, so you'd still have a huge pool of people unemployed after going through all the effort to make such a system.

    Now, if the government paid for such a system, those companies could theoretically reduce their hiring costs by having that tasks paid for externally (some would call that corporate welfare), and the downside to that would be companies like mine would get crushed because our clients would flee in droves.

    •  Sure it doesn't solve the ratio problem (0+ / 0-)

      But it sure would eliminate the claim that job seekers aren't wasting, excuse me, spending, enough time seeking employment.

      Hell, as a job seeker, I'd pay a generous finder's fee for a system like that that actually placed me in a decent job.  At this point in time, I'd be willing to pay 10% of my salary for the first year for a hospital nursing job that pays at least 40k (Starting is 21/hr around here, so that's not an unreasonable amount.) and 5% the next year.  The problem I have with most headhunter firms is that they expect you to pay in advance, rather than for actual results.

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