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    Fluoride in water is one of those services we provide for the lower income people.  These are people who might not have access to quality tooth hygiene products such as fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.  These are the people  who are actually going to drink tap water instead of bottled water the like.  For instance, the lower income people will use tap water to make 'juice' from powdered mix.

    Portland, a small community where income is above the state and national averages, so perhaps fluoridation in water is not for them.  It is true that fluoridation is not a magic bullet that will solve all oral health care problems.  It is probably true if a family has access to high quality medical care and food that fluoridation in the water is probably not going to do much of anything.  And, given that Portland seems to have a high level of junk food, in terms of sugary coffe drinks, the fluoride is not going to do any good.

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      Fluoride in water is one of those services we provide for the lower income people.
      The sad, face-palming hilarity of liberals from Portland, OR to Davis, CA standing cheek and jowl with Cold War John Birchers makes one chuckle.... until one realizes how disturbingly symptomatic the thinking is, and how congruent it is with other attacks on the very idea of a public good.

      Pensions? Nah, my portfolio is doing aces. Single-payer health care? No way! I've got great insurance! Vaccines? Why? My kid doesn't have pertussis! Fluoride? Why would I want to participate in something the CDC calls one of the top 10 public health triumphs of the twentieth century? Don't you take your kids to the dentist every six months and ensure they have nightly access to high-quality mouthwash?

      Gods. These people.

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