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  •  The main thing I wanted that princesses had were (1+ / 0-)
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    frilly, swirly dresses and

    clear high heel shoes that were sparkly.

    My mom indulged my whim for the frilly swirly skirts - to be worn when playing dress up, or for a Halloween or costume party only (not to school, not to church, and not when going out shopping).  She sewed up about five of these skirts, with elastic waists, because I had two sister siblings.  That way, we all could get a pretty skirt to wear.

    However, she gently but firmly refused to purchase said sparkly clear high heel shoes!  We had to make do with a few pair of her not-so-high heel shoes in the play clothes box instead.  She also provided several strands of pearls and I think some clip on earrings.  

    Fun times, fun times.

    But my dad would always bring us down to earth, because he was an equal opportunity job giver.  We mucked out the chicken coop, sheared sheep, worked in the garden, hauled wood, and when we got our licenses, we had to learn how to change a tire, check the tire pressure, and check the water and oil levels on our vehicles.  

    Good job Dad - pointing out that being Queen isn't all it's cracked up to be.  

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