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View Diary: Defense furloughs to be cut again (15 comments)

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  •  Food stamps, too (3+ / 0-)
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    "They're underfunded [national parks and headstart]. They've been underfunded. They will continue to be underfunded. Because poor kids and our nation's most beautiful or historically significant places don't have powerful enough supporters to break through Republican resistance in Congress."

    Yep. And now in the Farm Bill, Congress (virtually all the GOP knuckle-draggers plus some Dems) is looking to cut billions of dollars from the SNAP program, too.

    IOW anything that benefits the American people as opposed to the corporations, defense contractors and rich donors is taboo for gaining or even keeping some pretense of adequate funding. Especially if it benefits the poor and middle class. This despite the fact that the deficit will actually be far LOWER than originally anticipated, meaning there's not even a need for this austerity bullshit.

    But hey, there's always more money for bankster bailouts, coal and oil subsides and Congressional salaries and perks.

    the sheer perversity of the situation, and how disgustingly Congress has come to be unrepresentative of the people- even working squarely against our interests- is honestly making me wonder if our political system is reaching a point of irretrievable failure, and if the country can even stay intact much longer. Not idle suspicions, after all this is exactly what sent Egypt and Libya hurtling toward revolution, and split up the USSR. (Or the Roman Imperial domains, for that matter.)

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