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    The Marti, FG

    It should be pointed out, the author never served in the Air Force and her shining examples on why the Air Force is tarnishing the reputation of the Armed Forces are:
    1. Religious indoctrination at the AF Academy.  
    Yes because the other service academies don't have their share of Religous nuts.
    2. An operational mistake at an AF Base.  
    While certainly a drastic mistake, there are many more fail safes in place that would prevent the pilot from arming and launching the missiles.  Also, I could share with you many mistakes where people actually died that occurred at sea or on Army bases.
    3. A touchy officer who has been disciplined and removed from his position.  If you think the occasional creep with brass on his shoulder is unique to the AF, google "tail hook scandal".  

    Personally, I would love see the AF cut because we simple dont need 8 dozen or so fighter squadrons for enemies that are largely asymmetrical in nature.  However suggesting the AF should be totally disbanded because its service members are incompetent is both insulting and factually incorrect.  

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