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View Diary: CBO cut its deficit projection by $200 billion (46 comments)

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  •  depressing beyond belief. (0+ / 0-)

    The process in motion via the GOP and with all the Kabuki support from the dems that I am supposed to feel over-fucking-joyed to have there is going to reach its fruition.

    The idea we will work and make a little money, put it in the bank and 'retire' is not going to be there for me or a lot of people who are just oblivious to this.

    30 years from now, I'll be 82 and hearing people say shit like "I wish we knew the republicans intended to wreck the country and give it to the rich, I would have done something".

    I'll be saying "Yeah, some of us saw it clearly, coming a long way off. We tried to warn people but they were irritated by this and complained that we were interrupting a tv program called "American Idol", a psy-op program of the NSA that was quite effective in dulling the nation IQ enough that people voted against their own interests time and time again. They VOTED themselves into the hellhole this country has become.

    Better we descend into squalor and poverty then break the law now. We should not break the law.

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