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View Diary: Senate committee slashes food aid, again (68 comments)

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  •  Do these idiots in power want a revolution? (7+ / 0-)

    Seriously. If they had an ounce of sense, they'd realize that this is EXACTLY what sparked the uprisings in Tahrir Square, then in Libya and Yemen. Or the French Revolution and the guillotines, for that matter.

    The elites became detached from the people, caught up in their own incestuous power bubble and all the moronic special interests that control it, while utterly failing to realize that the people were starving and desperate. Now that food prices are rising thanks to speculators, the poverty and desperation will be getting even worse.

    When you add the lack of health care and student loan debt to the equation, it's a perfect storm for social unrest. Apparently some Dems are just as much in thrall to the super-rich as nearly all of the GOP, there's always more money for corporate welfare and subsidies but even when the deficit is shrinking, nothing for the poor. These fools don't realize that when someone is hungry, it affects the mind, and people don't care about all the niceties of political wrangling or Beltway compromise. This is a route to riots and social unrest, and if it comes to that, the out-of-touch fools on Capitol Hill will have no one but themselves to blame.

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