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View Diary: Whine Merchants: Race, Inequality and the Myth of White Victimhood (31 comments)

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    individuals who ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, regardless of color, should be made whole. But those whites who claim to have ben victims -- including, especially those for whom all the big name aff action cases before the courts have been filed, and named (Bakke, Weber, Hopwood, Gratz, and now Fischer) were NOT truly victimized if you know their stories. And if those are the best cases of reverse discrimination out there (and they likely are, since they are the ones the lawyers pursued and too thru to the SCt, then that pretty well demonstrates the absurdity of the argument. My book on AA explains in detail, btw why Hopwood, Gratz, were not truly discriminated against, so I'm not going to repeat the argument here. If you really care about this, you'll read the book. But you don't, so you won't, natch...

    Guilt is what you feel because of the kinds of things you've done. Responsibility is what you take because of the kind of person you are...

    by tim wise on Tue May 14, 2013 at 02:49:10 PM PDT

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