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    The actions of high leaders have disproportionate impact. If they condone cutting a corner, someone will take that as a call to break the law. In this case, any perception that the IRS is engaged in political favoritism could reduce tax compliance. So Obama is saying what he has to say.

    But we should not be misled by this political theater. Screening applicants for government benefits (which is what the Tea Party groups were doing) is necessary. There are lots of examples of undue burdens imposed upon people. Ask the poor about how easy it is to get disability or other government benefits. What the IRS did was wrong, but pretty far down the list of sins.

    The GOP is talking about impeaching Obama, and just looking for something to justify doing it. If Democrats had refused to go along with the Whitewater hyperventilation, the Republicans might not have won the House in 1994 and, in any case, the nation would have been spared the very dangerous road the Republicans embarked upon with impeachment.

    I'd suggest thinking about that. We do not live in a vacuum where we are free to contemplate the pure morality of an action divorced from history and political implications. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, we live in a world where whether we hang together determines whether or not we hang separately.

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      BradyB, JesseCW, erush1345

      thought about the fact that this is being used - like a lot of other things - by assholes on the other side of the aisle. Are you suggesting that because that's true we shouldn't admit wrongs, or investigate them or fix them?

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