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  •  AR's too humid in the summer - (7+ / 0-)

    I set my thermostat at 78 and use fans but I can't sleep in the wet heat I'd have if I didn't use the A/C.  I have visited places that were dryer - Lubbock, TX for example - and was perfectly happy at 95 and dry, but that's not where I live.

    I'm looking for somebody who can give me the facts I need for a carbon footprint comparison between simply upgrading my gas furnace/electric A/C (and gas hot water) or switching to a heat pump system with gas furnace back up below 25 outside (with either gas or electric hot water).  The only folks I've found so far want to sell me something and I basically don't trust that kind of "expertise".  If you know of a source, I'd appreciate it.

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