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View Diary: Ft. Hood sexual assault officer arrested for prostitution ring (71 comments)

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  •  I don't think that entlord is intentionally (0+ / 0-)

    blaming women.  But focusing exclusively on women as victims when it is an equal opportunity problem inadvertently does put the blame on women being present in the military ranks.

    The other problem is that portraying women as the "weaker sex" that needs special protection by focusing on the female victims when nearly 50% of the victims are male undermines the argument that women are capable of holding their own in our military and completely misses the point that there is an obvious and widespread breakdown of military order amongst our ranks.

    The problem isn't masculine or feminine.  It is human.

    If there was better order amongst the services of our military, we would not be seeing these shockingly high numbers of assaults on our service personnel.

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