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View Diary: Liberal groups received same IRS letter that ignited Tea Party outrage (149 comments)

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    You're right on target! The IRS and every other tax agency flags certain tax returns for additional scrutiny. Those of us who have worked in tax agencies are probably all wondering---where's the story? There are all kinds of key words that they use to flag returns for various reasons. They also flag returns prepared by certain preparers if they feel it is warranted. I've seen many cases where hundreds of returns were held up for months because the preparer was under suspicion of filing false returns. The IRS can and does hold up the returns of anyone if they feel it is warranted. Ask someone what they do with people who use language like a tax protester (This is how they got Wesley Snipes) --those returns are immediately flagged, all based on certain key words. This is a made up scandal because the IRS didn't do a good job of explaining the challenge that they are facing with the heavy volume of drummed up 501c4 submissions. It is not surprising that they held up more of the tea party applications. We all know that right wing groups use a cookie cutter approach in a highly orgamized way (like ALEC) which likely caused the IRS to be inundated with applications--I only wish groups on the left were as organized. Someone needs to report on the number of applications from liberal groups vs tea party and conservative groups--I bet you'll find 10 times more from the right than from the left!

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