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View Diary: Furloughs now slashing paychecks for 820,000 workers (47 comments)

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  •  These Furloughs Are Going To Slow Down An Already (1+ / 0-)
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    sluggish recovery. We have got to get more Progressive Dems elected in 2014 in the House so we can get some sanity back in Washington, or the middle class in this country is sunk. Instead of sequestration, Congress should be passing a bill for needed infrastructure repair, hiring out of work Americans to do the repairs. This would stimulate the economy, raise tax revenues (and decrease the deficit), and take the strain off government social safety net programs like unemployment insurance and food stamps, as more people go back to work. But instead we get sequestration, furloughs, and cutbacks. Although Republicans are mostly to blame for this, President Obama shares some of the blame for even talking about deficit reduction BEFORE the unemployment rate was lowered to 5%.

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