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    Respectfully, my point is parents need information about the risk for their children in chloraminated public pools. As everyone gears up for summer swimming, parents need the information to make an informed choice, which no one has seen fit to give them.

    If you read the material from that conference you would probably not be making statements as if there were a  need to collect further material on the subject. May I suggest you research the material presented there, perhaps you did not scroll down far enough on the link?

    I have not to date seen any cautionary notices for child swimmers regarding chloraminated pools. I would be extremely relieved to find they existed.

    I gave the direct link to major important information needed to safeguard children nationwide. It is not safe for children to swim in chloraminated public pools.

    My point is what did come to light at that conference, and it was not magically, was the terrible risk to children. Nothing theoretical about it. I did not say anyone lied. I do say that the truth has been withheld and I stand by that.

    The scientists and researchers, who did the work, championed the children. I have great respect for them. There is a much bigger story to what happened at that conference. In my opinion it is a betrayal of public trust to not inform the public of a major health risk affecting innocent and vulnerable children, who depend on us for protection. M Johanna Smith

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