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  •  True, but there's long term planning ... (1+ / 0-)
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    ... to think about as well. No one, of course, can control for weather -- especially humans, we can only uncontrol for weather ... even if you live in a city in North Dakota or Alberta you're not likely going to ride your bike even a mile or two to work in the dead of winter.

    At the same time, if "where you're plopped on the map, density, and transportation options" were random, were an accident, then one could more easily say that these are more purely the determining factors in whether one has options to work close to home, shop in walking distance from home, etc.

    But the US PIRG article that spurred this diary is oriented very specifically toward influencing transportation investments: away from road infrastructure, and toward public transit, toward incentives to live close to transit and commerce. It's precisely our common past investments in and subsidies of road infrastructure and that encourage building housing miles (and miles) away from centers of business and commerce. That's a product of social and political choices, not an existential inevitability.

    I second, third, and fourth your call for better ways to encourage biking, walking, carpooling, car-sharing, and taking public transit over driving solo. Sharrows? Oh, yeah, I live the reality of those dangers every day I bike to work (which is just about every workday), and I've written about them too. But my perspective is that figuring out the best ways to transition from auto-centric culture to shared-transport and people-powered transport is going to be a matter of experimenting, trying and sometimes failing / sometimes succeeding. IMO, heavier investment in experiments of this sort is a path to more quickly identifying the kinds of accommodations and encouragements work in various types of urban environments. It's a process.

    That's my theory, anyway.

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