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  •  O Athena, you are wise (8+ / 0-)

    However, I am older than you, and must comment on a couple of points:

    3. Women hoping to have a meaningful relationship with a man must hold off having sex until they get to know their partner. It doesn't matter how liberated or modern women are--men don't respect women who sleep with them too soon. Unfortunately, no amount of legislation or protesting will change this.
    Actually, there are a lot of men to whom this does not apply.  Regardless of when it happens, as soon as a woman lets them sleep with her, they are slain. However, they are not the kind of men that women are in a hurry to go to bed with.
    10. Animals are inherently innocent and beautiful. It's the influence of people that makes them evil and ugly.
    And that even includes insects:

    “Do you hear the grasshopper?”



    11. Extraterrestrials mean us no harm. If they did, they would have wiped us out by now.
    And they will rue the day they didn’t.
    20. Make love as though it's the last time you will ever see your partner. It may well be.
    I guess I might as well make this one a quickie.

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