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  •  I'm all for each and every "non-profit" (2+ / 0-)
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    Eyesbright, Sylv

    being scrutinized by the IRS each and every year.  I'm all for each and every "non-profit" corporation/religious entity/educational organization losing their tax exempt status when they publicly enter into the political arena with an endorsement/donation/sponsorship of/to a political candidate/policy legislation/ballot measure/initiative.  I'm all for each and every "non-profit" PAC being taxed on all monies received, with donors and individual donations required to be posted for public purview.  A PAC by its own definition is a Political Action Committee.  How they deserve a "non-profit" status is beyond me for political action is after all political activism.  I'm a steadfast proponent for "social welfare" but when a "Social Welfare" PAC's only activity is in the political arena, it is a blatant tax evasion issue IMHO.  It's the stealth of dark shadows that is the bane of current day politicking.  We need complete transparency in all things politic.  

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