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  •  Enchantment. (10+ / 0-)

    But seriously, folks.

    There are three pieces.  

    1) The battery, ranging from 90 mAh (55 minutes of heavy use) to 2,000 mAh (1200 minutes)

    2)  The atomizer, usually nichrome or Kanthal wire, that vaporizes the liquid.

    3)  Something to hold the liquid.  Tanks, cartridges, and whatnot are all very common.  Even in drip systems, the wick still holds about 10 puffs of liquid.

    Liquids are made of:

    1)  Nicotine--ranging from 0.1% to around 2.4%.  Amounts up to 3.6% aren't completely unheard-of but are rare.

    2)  Flavoring--up to about 15%, most contain around 10%.  Personally (I make mine myself) mine contains 0.5% milk chocolate flavor, 1% cinnamon, and 5% menthol.  Menthol is strong, and I like a lighter flavor anyway.

    3)  Dilutant--both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are common, in percentages varying from completely VG to completely PG and everything in between.  My personal mix is 70% PG/30% VG to dilute.

    PG sounds scary, but it's used in almost every breathing treatment in hospitals, asthma inhalers, and so on.  Toxicity is extremely low.

    VG sounds nicer, but a lot of people get a bit phlegmy on it.  I use a modest amount because VG = more vapor.  PG = more flavor.

    (-6.38, -7.03) Moderate left, moderate libertarian

    by Lonely Liberal in PA on Wed May 15, 2013 at 04:21:55 PM PDT

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